Computer modelling, Web 2.0, and Second Life

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Ken Kahn
Oxford University and the London Knowledge Lab

TITLE: Modelling4All: The intersection of computer modelling, Web 2.0, and Second Life

LOCATION: 624 Agua Fria Conference Room

TIME: Thursday, Jan 17, 12:30p

Lunch will be available for purchase for $5

ABSTRACT: The recently completed Constructing2Learn Project ( at Oxford University constructed the BehaviourComposer, a modelling tool, and web-based library of composable “micro-behaviours”. Students with no prior programming experience were able to build serious agent-based models in two hour sessions. The Modelling4All Project ( aims to take this work further by re-building the BehaviourComposer to be completely web-based. Furthermore we are building a Web 2.0 style site where one can build, run share, discuss, rate, and tag models, model components, tutorials, and model construction lesson plans. Finally we plan to automate the process of generating scripts so that models can be collectively experienced within Second Life. Live demos of the software will be presented.

Thank you to Irene Lee for helping arrange this talk.