Chasing the Pipedream

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Stephen Guerin
Owen Densmore

Redfish Group

TITLE: Chasing the Pipedream: an informal chat on near-future agent-based modeling and visualization toolsets

LOCATION: Redfish Conference Room, 624 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe NM
TIME: Wednesday, October 31, 12:30p

Lunch will be available for purchase for $5

We will demonstrate some recent projects at the intersection of agent-based modeling, GIS, 3D animation and game design. While mature tools exist for each of these spaces, there remains a frustrating lack of integration. We will discuss potential paths of development for an integrated toolset that allows for rapid prototyping, ease of use in education settings, acceptable performance for real-time visualization and robust editing capabilities.

David Beining, Tom Caudell, Jack Ox, Hue Walker and Eric Whitmore of UNM ARTSLab will be special guests and on hand to contribute their unique perspectives..